Win 1/4 final Czech Cup – Miloš Vemič


0-3 (22-25,27-29,18-25)

1/4 Czech Cup

First match in 1/4 of Czech Cup we lost in Kladno after very close game 3-2.We needed to win 3-0 or 3-1 to go through final four or 3-2 for Golden set.Any lost game would push us out of final four.Great for the team is that we have two new players,who take place is starting six and both of them showed they will be big effort for team.Max Staples and Cristian Palasios had their deby in Kladno jersey.Our fans had also big roll in yesterday game,giving us support during all game.This is moment to thank them for their support during all season,nerveless we were wining or losing.

First two sets yesterday were very close.Fist set until the end was tie,but after we made some points that gave us first part of game.Second set we were down 24-21,but we managed to win that one also after big battle.In third maybe the easier one,we had from the start until the end control for closing 3-0 game.Big win for us that is puting us again in final 4,where we will face in 1/2 against Dukla Liberec 22/23 February in Kutna Hora.Next games we have in front of us,are Karlovarsko 25January and 29 against Sporting Lisboa in 1/8 of European Cup.Together we can do everything.Go Kladno!!!

Milos Vemic