Áčko v Brně neuspělo – Daan van Haarlem (ENG)

Brno – Kladno 3:0 (25-19, 25-22, 25-18)

Thursday 17.10 we’ve played the third round of the Extraliga in Brno. Too bad it was a deception for everybody, we lose 3:0. The preparation of the match and the trainings during the week before were good. In the morning of Thursday we moved to Prague, were we took the train for a comfortable travel to Brno. We arrived on a nice time in Brno and we had a good time to prepare ourselfs for the match. With full team and staff we were ready to go at 16.30h and started with Daan, Milos, Zajda, Stefan, Hyzy, Flady and libero Monas. From the beginning on we played troubled and inaccurate. Till 12-12 we were equal with the host-team, after Brno took easily the set with 25-19. A lot of own mistakes, unfortunalety we make ourselfs the half of the points for Brno this set. The second set we played better and at 20-20 we had the chanche to take the 2nd set and change the match. Good serving pression of Brno and again our mistakes gives also the second set with 25-22 to Brno. The third set Brno was unleashed and our game wasn’t good enough to come close to them in this set, 25-19 and 3:0 for Brno. A big disappointing for everybody, time to watch video and train a lot to be better and go for the win this Saturday against Liberec at home. We keep our head up and will train hard to put our level up. As last I want thank the fans who were in Brno and I hope to see a lot of people this Saturday. Together we’ll fight for the win!

nahrávač Daan van Haarlem